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Refer a friend or family member and receive a $250 prepaid Visa debit card if that person takes out a loan with us.

Do you have a friend or family member looking to finance a purchase?

Do you have a friend or family member looking to finance a purchase? The team at Urban Motor Finance specialise in all types of vehicle and equipment loans. We provide straightforward, transparent finance solutions that are flexible and tailored to meet individual circumstances.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I refer a friend of mine who has a business?

Absolutely! Urban Motor Finance has a range of both consumer and commercial lenders on our lending panel and we would welcome the opportunity to assist ABN holders with a commercial loan application.

Can I get the payment if I refer myself?

No. As a valued customer, you will already know that you will be getting a great deal on your loan through Urban Motor Finance and this incentive payment won’t be available to subsequent loans in your own name. Talk to your finance specialist about what other options may be available to you as a repeat customer.

Terms & Conditions

The offer is valid from 2/10/2020 to 31/03/2021 . Urban Motor Finance reserves the right to end the offer earlier without notice.

The ‘Refer a Friend’ program rewards our loyal customers for referring a friend or family member for finance through Urban Motor Finance Pty Ltd.

Anyone can refer a ‘new customer’ to Urban Motor Finance using the ‘Refer a Friend’  form directly.

The ‘referring customer’ is eligible for a $250 Visa debit card posted by mail for each ‘new customer’ referral that successfully settles finance with Urban Motor Finance (min loan size: $5000).

A ‘new customer’ is defined as someone who has never dealt with Urban Motor Finance, placed an enquiry for finance or had finance brokered by Urban Motor Finance in the past.

The ‘referring customer’ must use the ‘Refer a Friend’ form and to be eligible to claim their $250 Visa debit card.

The ‘referring customers’ must include their own details on the ‘Refer a Friend’ form for Urban Motor Finance to notify them when they are eligible to receive their $250 Visa debit card.  Once a referred deal has settled and all information required has been received from the ‘referring customer’ the $250 Visa debit card will be sent to the ‘referring customer’ within 30-90 days.

The ‘referring customer’ can refer up to 3 ‘new customers’ via the form

The ‘referring customer’ must get the express permission of the ‘new customer’ to pass on the ‘new customers’ contact information and details to Urban Motor Finance and for Urban Motor Finance to contact them.

The $250 Visa debit card is only receivable on ‘referred’ finance applications that are arranged and settled through Urban Motor Finance and not on the submission of contact details via the form alone.

The ‘referring customer’ will be notified via email or phone when the referred finance settles and they will be requested to provide their address to Urban Motor Finance so the Visa debit card can be posted out.

Ineligible Referrals: Verbal referrals, referrals not provided via our ‘Refer a friend’ form; or referrals provided after the ‘new customer’ has already made an enquiry or contact with us.