Debt consolidation and debt restructuring

Friday July 3, 2020

By Urban Moto Finance

Debt consolidation and debt restructuring

Now is a great time to review your current debts and consider debt consolidation or debt restructuring.

  • Debt consolidation: A UMF personal loan can help you roll multiple debts such as personal loans, motor vehicle loans and credit cards into one loan. You can benefit from the simplicity of one repayment which can improve cash flow.
  • Debt restructuring: A UMF personal loan can provide you with the flexibility and opportunity to get on track by restructuring your loan repayments. Moving to a new 5 or 7-year loan term can reduce monthly repayments and improve cash flow.

UMF provides personal loans up to $50,000 for up to 7 years, with no monthly or early termination fees. And our personalised interest rates mean that customers may also get a better rate.

Not only can we assist with debt consolidation and debt restructuring loans — we can also help with vehicle finance, home renovations, tax debts, gap finance and so much more.

To see if we can help improve your cash flow, please submit a quick quote enquiry and we will get in touch with you or contact one of our finance consultants on 1300 123 863.

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