All about “Low Doc” loans

Wednesday June 10, 2020

By Urban Moto Finance

All about “Low Doc” loans

At Urban Motor Finance we understand that perfectly good people or businesses may not have the paperwork required to secure a loan.

This is why we have the ‘Low Doc’ loan option that is suited for companies and sole traders.  A ‘Low Doc’ loan is ultimately much like a regular loan, except with minimal supporting documents which typically include: a signed privacy form, application form and proof of identification. The great thing is, there is no premium on the interest rate and it’s not limited to cars. You can get a ‘Low Doc’ loan to finance cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles or any other equipment to help your business meet its needs and objectives.

Benefits of ‘Low Doc’ loans from Urban Motor Finance:

  • No Financials or Tax Returns required
  • The whole process can be completed without having to leave your workplace
  • Same day approvals
  • No deposit required
  • No interest rate loading
  • Full range of assets considered
  • Up to 7 year loan terms
  • Option to include a ‘balloon’

To find out more about a loan that’s right for you contact one of our finance consultants on 1300 123 863 or alternatively submit a quick quote and we will get in touch with you.